Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here we go.

Well, this is a first. First blog, first post, first time preparing for an all-by-myself trip. Instead of sending tons of mails, I'll post updates about my current whereabouts here, so that anybody who feels like knowing more about me can read my notes.

It's been eventful 6 months in Chamonix Valley, it passed like a wink of an eye but now it's time to leave. I'm 4 days away from setting off for a 2-month trip - first heading south to Provence, after that surroundings of Paris. I still don't know when, where exactly and actually, I don't care too much. Life is much more exciting with surprises and I've already figured out that there's no point making any plans, if eventually they all change. Then comes the thing that makes me most stirred - backpacking, hiking, wild camping and exploring geological wonders of Iceland. Not to forget about couchsurfing, meeting local people and getting to know the Icelandic culture. 1,5 month and the less days are left, the more I think that's not enough. Some areas of the country are still inaccessible, the roads of interior are impassable, so I can forget about seeing some places this time. However, I'm happy that I'll have a chance to see the marvels of this country in the off-season. Even the most beautiful sites can be easily spoiled with hoards of tourists and I'll avoid them.

In 4 days another adventure will begin, meanwhile I'm still savoring the life in Chamonix Valley and from what is left, I'm not going to miss any second!

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