Friday, April 15, 2011

It's time to leave

So now it's over... Almost 6 months have passed and I can still remember that day when I came to Chamonix, burning with excitement all the way down there from Martigny, hoping that every village we passed with my hitchhiking driver was my destination, getting to Chamonix, seeing the sign "Bowling" and my heart pounding with joy of finally being there!

Three days ago I thought "it's still some time left" and now it's less than 12 hours until we move out and hit the road again, sooner or later. There less days remained, the more interesting things there were to do. Yesterday we met Lucie for the last time this season, same about Jim and Karine. Today we visited Helen and her sons in Vallorcine. We left early to pack and tidy up. But my backpack is still empty and the studio looks as if we weren't moving out, as if tomorrow was just another day of living here. I didn't suppose I would get used to a place so much. Six fantastic months during which...

I lived in Cham-Sud!
I shared space with another person.
I almost burnt an electric kettle and got told off for this.
I learned that I am egoistic and don't care about other people.
I agreed with this.
I was a couchsurfing host for people from Italy, USA, Germany, Latvia and France.
I shaved my head and at the same time did another thing on my to-do list.
I got 120 euro for 8 hours of doing something I had never done in my life.
I learned how to find G on the ukulele.
I first ate anything that was discounted in Super U.
Then I ate anything that the guests had left in the chalets.
I fell off a 30 m rock and only had few scratches and pain in my ass.
I stayed in the most expensive hotel in my life and that was the hospital in Sallanches (one night - 170 euro!).
I slept in a room where it was around 5 degrees C at night for two nights.
I babysat a child without seeing her even for a minute that night.
I got fired and found a better job in one day.
I realized that can't imagine living in Poland again, never mind living there.
I enjoyed 15 degrees in February and it wasn't even somewhere in the south of France.
I hiked all the trail from Servoz to Vallorcine, in 4 steps.
I learned to imitate Cartman from South Park.
I found a tree house with my friends and stayed there for a dinner.
I donated my blanket for this tree house.
I went from being single to it's complicated to in domestic partnership to it depends.
I lived and loved life in Chamonix.

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