Friday, April 29, 2011

My family gets bigger

More days bring more joyful moments. I meet Thierry's daughter, Jehane. She's exactly as I've imagined her from Thierry's descriptions, very active, running all the time, never restless and cute to everybody. She got a new bike and rides it all over Éric's garden. She's really into playing and talking to people and even despite the language barrier between us, she shows that she can have a good time with me. I get a picture from her, signed Jehane, 8 ans et demie.

Jehane's very fond of horses and Thierry drives her to her riding classes. You can imagine how big passion for her it is - she loves the contact with a horse. She's very gentle in preparing the animal to riding, combs his hair, speaks softly as if the animal could understand every word. It's a beautiful example of very sincere relationship between a horse and human. 

In the evening there's a party at Éric's. Again, I meet a big part of the family and friends as well. One of the guests speaks a little Polish, so I converse with him in this language. It seems that my origin is of huge interest to the guests; they ask me about my town and other big cities, life in Poland. They talk about politics and I tell them the sad, ridiculous truth. The say something about president and aviation and  I guess they're talking about the previous president and I tell them I hate this guy. We drink some good pink wine and raise a toast introduced by the man who speaks Polish - to Poland! People ask me about my plans and I tell them about Iceland and Copenhagen but I also tell them that if I don't get accepted to the university, I'll make a life somewhere else. Choices are plenty.They comment on my plans, give advice, share their own experience. I manage to utter few sentences in my broken French. I receive tons of smiles, kisses and positive energy from people I've just met that I can barely hide my emotions, fortunately I suppress from sheding a tear.

I pitch up my tent in Éric's garden and love it so much. I hope it'll be a good house for the next 1,5 month.

On the day of my departure everybody is beyond themselves with emotions. It's hard to utter a word, but we don't have to, comfortable silence is enough to express our feelings. Thierry drives me to the entrance of the highway in Avignon. This time I want to keep it short, leave quickly and don't look back. There's no tears and only big grin on my face and I start the next step of the big adventure. I'll be back in July...

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