Friday, May 20, 2011

Adventures in the nature

There were more chances to see that you shouldn't plan too much when you make a trip.

I decided to get a ride to the main road with Guðmundur at 4 am. My plan was to pitch my tent in the nearby big village but he managed to stop a car going the opposite direction and here I roll all the way to Ísafjörður! Not in the best companionship - 2 girls and 2 boys drinking and smoking all the time, not the most pleasant ride, but better than freezing my ass off in the cold.

The way to Ísafjörður. First snow I've seen since the end of January!
After a long ride I was really tired and pitched my tent behind a block of flats, very close to the shore and slept there from 10 to 13.
The place where I had my morning picnic the next sunny day

I took advantage of being on the Westfjords earlier and decided to visit my host in Hólmavík earlier.

Just after Súðavík. Incredible views, clear blue water and really desolate part of Iceland, Hornstrandir
I hiked to the top of a nearby hill on a very windy day.
That's hitchhiking on the Westfjords. Just few km hitchhiked with 2 drivers, around 6 km walked. Traffic almost none...
..but the scenery makes walking and waiting allright!

I stayed in touch with my host from Reykjavík, Marty, and we decided to meet each other at Snæfellsnes, in Ólafsvík , and hike there together with another couchsurfer, Rebecca from USA.

The scenery looks like paradise but the wind could strike you down.
Even among barren lava fields you can find some colors.
First wild camping in Iceland. That was the night that my water- and windproof tent was made for.
The view from my tent
A nearby waterfall we took water from
We went to Snæfellsnes National Park and visited cliffs at Malarrif.
Bird colony on the cliff
Snæfellsjökull  is far away...

It felt quite odd to be back in Reykjavík after so many days spent in the nature, far away from crowds of people, big buildings and cars. Yet I still felt I came back to another home and the thought that I'm surrounded by friends made my sorrows vanish. Luckily I won't stay here for too long.

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