Saturday, May 14, 2011

Escapes from Reykjavík

I stay in Reykjavík for 3 days. My host is Marty, an American who's spent last 25 years in Africa. His wife works in an embassy and he follows her and works as a teacher in countries they go to. He tells me about the Computer Science schools he opened in some African villages and his own program of teaching. His at first fledgling enterprise, later turned out to be a huge investment in the lives of people from the poorest parts of Africa.

Marty is a man of action, hates not being involved in any kind of activities. He thinks it's a shame he's been in Iceland for 8 months now and didn't have many opportunities to see the country. He'd like to change it, do some camping and long-distance hiking. The chance comes quickly. For the first time since my stay in France I hike with a partner. We go to Kleifarvatn and marvel at the volcanic rocks of different shapes and soft mosses, we discover geothermal area of Seltún and check the temperatures of hot springs, we do part of the hiking trail to Esja and don't make it to the top, but rather enjoy the walk when the weather is so nice, share stories from our youth, talk about luck and less luck in hitchhiking, discuss the future, life and true values. I help Marty with choosing the right camping equipment. We'll for sure do some hiking in the future.

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