Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Internationale in Paris

I spend the last days in Paris with a Bulgarian host, Dobrin and his friends. He has some friends come from Denmark, a couple Ruzhena and Anton. I speak some Danish with them and they tell me my pronunciation is very good. I'm happy to hear that, especially because I haven't spoken Danish for 8 months. I'll write something about them in Danish to give you an idea how it looks like.

Anton og Ruzhena kommer fra Bulgarien men de har boet i Kobenhavn i to og et halvt år. De flyttede derned fordi de fik et godt job. Antons mor og søster bor også i Købemhavn. De har en lille pige der blev født i Bulgarien men hun går i en  Dansk børnehave og taler godt dansk. Anton fortæller mig at hvis du studerer eller arbejder i Danmark, så kan du lære dansk for fri. Uden for det.kan du søge after et arbejde i seks måneder og du kan stædig lære dansk for fri. Jeg er meget glad for at tale dansk med nogen og jeg har ingen problemer med at forstå dem. De vil gerne vide hvor jeg har lært udtalen og de siger at min udtale er meget god. Jeg håber på at møde dem i København når jeg flytter derned i efterår.

English version:
Anton and Jenny come from Bulgaria but they have lived southwest from Copenhagen for 2,5 years. They moved there because they got a good job. Anton's mother and sister also live in Copenhagen. They have a little daughter who was born in Bulgaria but she goes to a Danish kindergarten and speaks good Danish. Anton tells me that if you study or work in Denmark you can learn danish for free. Apart from this, you can search for a job for 6 months and still learn Danish for free. I'm very happy to talk Danish with somebody and I have no problems to understand them. They want to know where I learned the pronunciation from and I tell them from cassettes. They say my pronunciation is very good. I hope to see them in Copenhagen when I move there in fall.

Together with Dobrin, Jenny, Anton, Seta and Viktor we join a couchsurfing event, which is actually a marriage proposal. A French couchsurfer wants to propose to his Russian girlfriend so he asked fellow couchsurfers to gather at Sacré Cœur, hold posters with hearts and a big sign in Russian saying "Will you marry me?" A crowd of around 50 people is there and they both are very surprised, the turnout is huge and surprise really flabbergasting.

We enjoy the rest of the evening sipping wine at the stairs in front of Sacré Cœur. People sing, play instruments, perform gigs. Slowly the sky gets darker but Paris becomes bright with lights. It's a wonderful view from the top of a hill.

We cook a big dinner, I make the most divine chocolate cake ever, invite Seta, we drink wine like Bulgarians (more than just one bottle), share our hitchhiking stories, find out that both Dobrin and I got stuck in the same village before Lyon, talk about forced rape, jobs affecting people's personality,  dangerous situations in the mountains, couchsurfers wanting to bribe the hosts with gifts; we both pack for our trips and discover that our backpacks weigh almost the same, Dobrin leaving just for 10 days and I for 1,5 month. I make it to the airport on time, avoid problems with long check-in and escaping planes and leave gloomy (again) Paris for dry and treeless Iceland.

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