Monday, May 16, 2011

A ride to anywhere

After one night in Borgarnes my plan is to get anywhere. After around 10 minutes a driver pulls over and that's how we start conversing:

I: How far are you going?
Driver: I'm going to the west.
I: Westfjords or Snæfellsnes?
Driver: It's the beginning of Westfjords. Where are you going?
I: I can go anywhere.
Driver: Really?
I: Yes. You can take me anywhere.

And that's where he took me.

Somewhere before Ormsstaðir, on a gravel road 590. it's only farms here, many of them abandoned long time ago. Guðmundur's farm is located around 1 km from Hvammsfjörður. It's surrounded by green fields and hills. There are many small islands close to the coast. People who live here permanently breed horses and sheeps, apart from this there are many birds. Guðmundur invites me to stay on his farm for the night and suggests that I take a hike up the hill. The surroundings look fabulous. I hike along a stream and a waterfall. I can't get very close to it because of a huge drop, but the view is breathtaking anyway. Almost vertical drop, part of the water is smoothly falling down on the rocks, part is swirling in the air as thousands of tiny droplets. When I ascend more, the deafening sound of the waterfall fades away and is replaced by quiet flow from a tiny stream.

The road to unknown

Waterfall near the farm


View from the top

Coming down

Snowy peaks of Snæfellsnes

The coast

My generous driver (right) and his "very disrespectful" friend, American pastor Michael

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