Friday, July 1, 2011

Paradise lost

Two weeks of living in Copenhagen are over. I would never expect such outcome of this situation but I sadly decided to leave.

I've always dreamed of settling down in Denmark, I anticipated speaking Danish with people and getting the hang of the language. In my dreams it was a paradise and I strove to live there. But reality turned out to be different. Big city, hoards of local people and tourists, constant search for a job that indeed was futile and stopped me from having any social life, being there just on my own with nobody to turn to. In a situation like that, I feel even more how much I miss the road and constantly being on the go.

I'm pretty sure my attitude to Copenhagen would change with time. I could be satisfied with living in this place provided that I had a job and some more things I lack right now. I could stay for a week or two more, but I see no point in spending money on accommodation if I have no proof that this money will be given back to me when I start working.

I'm leaving tomorrow, ready for another adventure. And I still don't know exactly where I'll head. Hopefully next hours give an answer.

Nevertheless, it was a good time here in Copenhagen...

All four rectangular lakes in the center are now covered with some green plant. Two years ago they were all blue!

Some street art at Nørrebro. A translation that sounds better would be "Your money means shit to me."

Bikes are omnipresent

Some of them deprived of parts...

...and some with unique ornaments

One of the newest buildings at Amager

Flowers in Amager Fælled, a bird sanctuary


Sankt Jørgens Sø

Nice grave at Assistens Kirkegård


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