Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrating life

After 3 weeks on the Balkans, I quickly left my town and stayed for 6 days close to the German border at Woodstock Festival. Great opportunity to catch up with some friends and meet new ones! What a healthy lifestyle you lead there! Walking many kilometers from tents to the scene to events to portable toilets to "showers" to Lidl to cash machine to yoga to Hare Krishna food booth to collect empty bottles and cans to exchange them for some gadgets. We broke the Guinness record for the biggest amount of energy produced with human muscles - by riding bikes, we could even mix our own cocktail while riding the bike, reaching certain speed that made the mixer work! The Hare Krishna food I've tried for the first time in my life was so delicious and filling, especially the sweet halava. It was so good that sometimes when we were finished with our portions we asked people who were about to throw their meal away if we could take theirs! Only cold water was available for free and we had cold showers every day, and that was the only thing that didn't do my health good. Another vivid memory is drinking sweet wine with friends and risings toasts... to dreams, to happiness, to travels, to meeting good people on our way, to finding joy wherever we are, but most important of all - to life... there's anything about it you can celebrate at Woodstock.

Concerts were great, especially the performance of some Polish band that makes a great show during their concerts, the guys are in disguise of some animals and the lyrics of their songs are such tongue-twisters that pronouncing them is a challenge but it's not impossible. I was lucky to see them live once more in my town, just a day before leaving.

In better spirits and more healthy than right after Woodstock (more or less), I decided not to linger in Poland anymore. That's been 2 weeks there, the longest visit since coming back from United States!

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