Friday, December 23, 2011

Only one sky like this...

Fall turns into winter.

There are no more figs that I used to pick along the way as I hiked, apple trees in orchards are almost bare, vineyards, once rich with fruits, are now withered. Another season I can experience in the south and it's not any less magical than the preceding ones.

A usual winter day in Provence
The weather here is absolutely not winter-like. While the rest of France gets snow and rain, here you soak up the beams of sunshine (I'm still as dark as I was in the summer and I already resigned myself to the fact that as long as I stay here I can't be pale, just as I'd like to). All thanks to Le Mistral, the infamous wind of Provence that sometimes blasts even 120 km/h but on the positive side, clears the sky and provides the area with some 2800 hours of sunshine per year! In Iceland I longed for warmth, whereas here I even gave up walks during the day. Maybe I'm too used to cold winter in the north? It's just too hot for me. But later...

When you live in Provence you love lonely walks at night. My preference are hidden pathways, not so safe during the day, since it's the peak of hunting season and on the hill where Viviane and Alain's house is located we can hear unnerving yet comfortably distant shots until dusk. But during the night there's no place you'd rather be. The sky is wonderfully starlit you have to stop for a while and cherish the view; and the biggest, the most shiny star, that must be Aiguille du Midi (also known as Venus, but being sentimental I prefer to call it with the name of the peak in French Alps I used to see every day not so long ago)! Beauty comes after the wind and it's one of the most idyllic sceneries, one of the most personal experience that no one else could share. These are my last days in Lagnes; I couldn't enjoy them any better.

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