Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Live from Perpignan!

What will undoubtedly be one of the most fulfilling adventures I have ever been on is happening right now.

Disastrous in the beginning, it improved with every single step I took west. The biggest complain I have? Italy is not longer my worst place to hitchhike. Getting stuck in Berlin and at a gas station before Dresden was a misery to behold. Not to mention, never in my life have I waited longer for a ride.






But there were also big moments. I lapped up some long rides after >5 hours of waiting outside in the cold weather; snow falling and wind not only whistling past my ears, but screaming.

Cozy place to sleep in Karlsruhe

The most interesting driver I rode with was a young German musician who used to study in Japan for a year and did a lot of traveling in this country. Listening about his life and concerts in Asia was obviously on the menu but the best thing about this ride was the patchwork language between us. We started with German (I got congratulated on my good German skills - frankly speaking, it was the first time in my life I had spoken this language so fluently), switched to French and eventually when any of the previously used languages failed to describe the biggest emotions that accompany each distant travel, we were happy to continue in English.

I also met a fellow hitchhiker, Lucie, who was on her way back home from Nice to Nantes. She reminded me of my friend from Chamonix not only because of her mane but mainly because of the way she lives - into alternative ways of living and consuming, occupying a squat in the countryside with more people, sometimes living in tree houses surrounding the Nantes airport - and there are around 10 of them! Check this website to find out more.

I crossed Auvergne - the region in central France that contains four separate chains of extinct volcanoes but since it was a night ride, I missed the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this marvelous natural area. Same about crossing Viaduc de Millau, world's tallest suspension bridge.


I spent the night in Perpignan, which means the second last frontier is only 40 km away. Adventure is screaming my name! Bring it in Spain!

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  1. Last week I learned my first sentence in German - Mir ist kalt! What a coincidence.