Dream list

1. Hitchhike 100000 km generally.
2. Hitchhike 50000 km alone.
3. Hitchhike overland to another continent. (The longest all-nighter ever)
4. Hitchhike on every continent.
5. Return to Iceland.
6. Hitchhike all over the ring road (Iceland).
7. Be fluent in Danish.
8. Learn one more language.
9. Shave my head.
10. Spend the whole day naked.
11. Spend the whole day reading.
12. Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle on my own.
13. Pay for somebody's groceries.
14. Read "Hopscotch" by Julio Cortazar.
15. Read "Petit Prince" in original.
16.Go dumpster diving.
17. Step foot on all seven continents (four out of seven so far).
18. Visit van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. (Back to my love city)
19. Go to Lanzarote.
20. See places connected with impressionists in Normandy.
21. See northern lights.
22. Not speak for 24 hours among people.
23. Learn to dance tango.
24. Walk 50 km in a single day.
25. Hike from Marseile to Cassis.
26. Slap somebody really hard across the face.
27. Learn to sing a song in a language I don't speak.
28. Celebrate my birthday in a country I've never been to before. (عيد ميلاد)
29. Climb Esja.
30. Sing karaoke solo.
31. Go to Israel.
32. Learn to read Hebrew.
33. Read a story to a child. (The Highlands)
34. Hike Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon National Park.
35. Help a person with self injury problem.
36. Invite a stranger into my home.
37. Sleep under the stars.
38. Have my name published.
39. Make a presentation about one of my trips.
40. Surprise my friends with 100% vegan meal.
41. Learn to play an instrument.
42. Make love to a foreigner.
43. Cook for 50 people.
44. Shower in a waterfall.
45. Be nomadic for a year.
46. Help someone anonymously.
47. Never totally grow up.
48. Formally renounce my faith.
49. Go to French Basque Country.
50. Wear high heels once more.
51. Make a long (at least 2 months) hitchhiking trip with somebody.
52. Make a hitchhiking trip of 10000 km and give each driver a handshake.
53. Hitchhike a single ride at least 1000 km long. (It's not the entire Iraq that is engulfed in war...)
54. Volunteer for a year.
55. Sell my handmade cards.
56. Learn to whistle with my fingers.
57. Write a book.
58. Spend a night in the cemetery.
59. Teach an illiterate person how to read.
60. Make a list of 10 things I'm grateful for every day for a month.
61. Grow my own plant.
62. Make a vanilla pudding. Put into mayo jar. Eat in public.
63. Walk Tour du Mont Blanc with Kochanie.
64. Have a ride in a police car.
65. Watch sunset at Cabo da Roca.
66. Live like the locals in a third world country.
67. Learn how to say "thank you" in fifty languages (nineteen so far).
68. Get baklava for free in Gaziantep.
69. Get invited to a stranger's wedding.
70. Experience a red-eye flight.
71. Donate my blood. (The best thing I did in Scotland)
72. Ride the Iron Ore Train in Mauritania.
73. Take pictures of colorful houses in Burano, Italy.
74. Visit Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia.
75. Register as bone marrow donor.
76. Donate bone marrow.
77. Wear colorful clothes in Iran.
78. Climb an active volcano.
79. Walk across a country.
80. Boat hitchhike.

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